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Star Wars/Mass Effect Crossover/Mashup Fan Art
I guess I can’t stop mashing up Mass Effect with my other favorite fandoms and there is no bigger fandom for me than Star Wars. I’ve also read where some say elements of Mass Effect were originally supposed to be for KOTOR III which I can totally see so I wanted to try my take on it. Like my Avengers, Community and Pacific Rim Mass Effect Crossovers I like to try matching characters that would best match or would just be a cool idea. Utilizing the photoshop digital art style I did previously with my clone wars fan art I ran with the similarities in the two universes I thought the Force would be comparable to Biotics and Jedi were sort of like Spectres so I went from there and I started with my favorite character Obi-Wan and thought he was much like Admiral Anderson the mentor to Shepard and from there I thought Saren visually would be a good match to Darth Maul. Garrus and Wrex were never smugglers but I thought pairing them up as a Han and Chewie would be fun because they are just as beloved and the ball went rolling from there with Liara, Legion, EDI, and the Illusive Man.  (and if you want a FemShep version Leia Skyshepard is coming soon also)  I do this for fun to blow off creative steam in a fun so I hope no one takes these ultra seriously. I hope you have as much fun with these as I did creating them and for the latest updates please follow me on here or on  twitter, facebook and instagram. For all the new updates and artwork please visit May the Force be with You!

*UPDATE 9.1.2014 I wasn’t happy with how Luke Skyshepard’s face turned out. I think I tried to literal to make it mix between real photos of Luke and Shepard and ignored the clone wars art style that I did with Kenobi, so I redid with and threw in a lil bit more Anakin as well and updated it. Much more happy with it. I may tinker more with the other images as well. Thanks!

And people keep insisting she’s a one dimensional, love obsessed character.

Geek monkey Cosima, being adorkable.


"Ming loves Chris Hemsworth and was just basically running around the carpet trying to take pictures of him from behind him and it was very funny to watch her run around. She was fangirling out and me and Elizabeth [Henstridge] were just cracking up the entire time watching.” (Chloe Bennet)



Pacific Rim cosplay by ชมรมเชียร์[C4 TEAM]




Pacific Rim cosplay by ชมรมเชียร์[C4 TEAM]



As the dust settles around the devastating news that Community has been canceled, we’ve had some time to reflect on all of the special moments we’ve shared with our favorite study group. And while we will miss them ‘round the study table, we’ve achieved an inner calmness about the future of each character, and will rest comfortably in the fact that someone has to get a spin-off … right? You can’t kill a Chang, after all!

Here are the Community spin-offs we’d like to see 


A woman (first photos) is asking for Marvel actors to show their support for her dad who has cancer. So far today, Jeremy, Cobie and Chris have showed their support along with some others. Hopefully all the Avengers take part!

Had an absolutely great time at Wondercon 2014, had a great time at the Star Wars Rebels Panel and even had a greater time with Lil Obi-Rus and his adventures with the different cosplayers. Credit to most of the cosplayers featured can be found here: or on my instagram @obiruskenobi Thanks again all the cosplayers featured and hope to continue the adventure with you all!  May the force be with you all…always!


Yes to all of this.


Women of Marvel, stand to unite! Fight for what you believe! We gain more power as our numbers slowly grow, so unite!